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You may have missed> ANC Western Cape chief whip suspended after disrupting Zille speech http://t.co/dFVtxtOtgP http://t.co/o5qORLfask

Kris Jenner furious with Kanye for declaring 'Kylie and Tyga in love' http://t.co/VWNuQWMHjk http://t.co/9fHG3hdJQP

MaNtuli banned from Nkandla over Zuma 'poison plot' http://t.co/0uh4vX25Hm http://t.co/SvKe0aryUy

Presidency says Zuma poison report is gossip http://t.co/pWkvzC7qgc http://t.co/CxxIPlfjZr

South Africa's Eskom cancels planned power cuts, generators power up http://t.co/JO1qNCQxsd http://t.co/NLw8Zqe32h

Kasrils sues over Zuma rape claim http://t.co/FAzCzyihO2 http://t.co/hSrWprtqcE

'Birdman' wins best picture Oscar http://t.co/b8AMVs0bsW http://t.co/OSMKIG9Evr

MaNtuli banned from Nkandla over Zuma 'poison plot' http://t.co/B2k9IJWnET http://t.co/vbpT1wZBAB

Proteas dire, not on fire http://t.co/Q1CzXnaF8v http://t.co/rXYhxX7IPr

Watch: Forget Chelsea’s Matic. Worcester City’s Shab Khan does a WWE body slam on an opponent http://t.co/xz8PBaBTpe http://t.co/79XMrlUmKZ

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