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RT @Jo_Soucek: Dear Indonesia: Abbott makes me ashamed to be Australian. We get the raw deal - we're stuck with him. #KoinuntukAustralia #C…

Liverpool fans are wanting Jurgen Klopp. Meanwhile the board might be looking at Ronald Koeman, Gary Monk, Pochettino and so on. Mediocre.

RT @theselovetexts: Is this the face of the champion? #PacMan #MayweatherPacquiao #IsangBayanParaKayPacman http://t.co/2ia58y7Pip

RT @LFC: #LFC can confirm that Jordan Henderson has today been officially appointed captain of Liverpool Football Club. http://t.co/I37slsN…

RT @AnfieldIndex: Lessons from Sterling Saga: Pay Coutinho What he’s Worth - http://t.co/TAm3onW88x - By @kulawgnn http://t.co/4VIxpnbngU

@TheCartel14 @CentreTransfer Money can't even buy Man. City a UCL cup.

Ahmed has not only got a smart brain. He has also got a heart of gold. MashaAllah. #IStandWithAhmed

John Winston Lennon would've turned 75 today. A legend with a big influence to the world. #HappyBirthdayJohnLennon http://t.co/uscJk2v0R6

RT @ManUtd_NewsHQ: Passion just defeated money. And when that happens, I'm happy. Fair play Liverpool, coming from a rival. I fear you, I…

RT @BBCMOTD: "I think that's Klopp's way of saying thanks for your support and staying until the end" - @alanshearer #MOTD2 https://t.co/LV…

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