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You know what #TheDress is #blackandyellow http://t.co/rCdzj2GoWG

We had a great time in London. Thanks @xbox @Gfinity @CallofDuty! :) http://t.co/GquuaZCbvT

@bdunkelman aw thank you! Yours always looks amazing. Even as a brunette! You pull them both off

“..this device that you use to check your mail can be used to battle disease is simply amazing.” #ResearchKit #AppleEvent

Can’t believe they decided to make Macbook color variations http://t.co/XewvVw46A8

USB-C (aka another cord for you to lose)

I’ll run a marathon if @tim_cook does #AppleWatch #AppleEvent

I need a drink, a nap and new credit card after that #AppleEvent. Hope there’s an app for that.

Wishing @littlelizziev the happiest birthday ever! If you’re at #SXSW check out her @ABraveHeartFilm premiere TOMORROW at 11a!!!

#SXSW is exhausting

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