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RT @audisport: Today's schedule: @24hNurburgring 13:20 FP1 20:30 Q1 @FIA_WTCR 11:30 FP1 12:30 FP2 15:30 Q 19.45 R1 Audi Sport R8 LMS C…

RT @TomCoronel: 2 projects this weekend

RT @TomCoronel: New starting position, up to P7 for the 1st race

RT @TomCoronel: P9 in the first Qualifying session of the weekend, race at 19:45 today

RT @TomCoronel: So good to be here again

RT @AustralianGT: This is what happens when @vantageracing let's our media manager sit in his car...

RT @TomCoronel: Reasonable start today!

RT @TomCoronel: Rain tires please

RT @audisport: Today's schedule: @24hNurburgring 14:55 Q2 19:00 Top 30 Qualifying @FIA_WTCR 17:35 Q2 Audi Sport R8 LMS Cup 08:05 Q…

RT @TomCoronel: Yessss so excited to start

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