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RT @ShannonsNats: An hour down, one more Production Car Series race to go today at Sandown: https://t.co/giDnrcFmCC #ShannonsNats https://t…

RT @NASCAR: .@chaseelliott was not pleased with @StenhouseJr after the #KCM400. https://t.co/sBU0rtKrlO

RT @NASCAR: Despite the loss, @FRRacingTeam Owner Barney Visser was on hand to congratulate and encourage his guys. #KCM400 https://t.co/…

RT @FormulaOneWorld: Spanish GP: Hamilton beats Bottas to pole by 0.040s https://t.co/p39WmTie8m via @motorsport

RT @Motorsport: .@Blaney holds off @KevinHarvick to win Stage 1 at @kansasspeedway: https://t.co/p4esO9gHop #NASCAR

RT @Motorsport: . @12WillPower scores @Team_Penske's 200th @Indycar victory after tense battles with @ScottDixon9 and @RobertWickens - http…

RT @Motorsport: Take a look at the complete starting lineup for the #KCM400 at @kansasspeedway, in pictures: https://t.co/m3787Tqqix #NASCAR

RT @EnduranceInfo: Vidéo : un pilote d'Audi TT sort indemne d'une grosse sortie de piste en Q2 #24hNBR https://t.co/P1fd70JkyF https://t.co…

RT @EnduranceInfo: .@manthey_racing mène les débats à H+8 #24hNBR https://t.co/9OZ6n6eDpK https://t.co/xbdRlV1k5p

RT @EnduranceInfo: Vidéo : @kevinestre à l'attaque dans le trafic #24hNBR https://t.co/nPGxT2Aof6 https://t.co/l8HleMm0h9

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