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RT @Motorsport: The 2018 #Indy500 starting grid in full.

RT @Motorsport: . @EdCarpenter20 beats Penske armada, scores THIRD #Indy500 pole -https://t.co/PK6BhUmKiZ @TeamChevy @ECRIndy @IMS @IndyC…

RT @Motorsport: LIVE: We're about to see who gets the pole for the #Indy500. Follow it here: https://t.co/BSdKOCk3D9

RT @NASCAR: STAGE 1 WINNER: Ol' @KevinHarvick is putting on a show out front at @CLTMotorSpdwy! #AllStarRace: https://t.co/wtSkf8rxMI http…

RT @NASCAR: #AllStarRace leaderboard: P1 @KevinHarvick P2 @MartinTruex_Jr P3 https://t.co/wtSkf8rxMI https://t.co/cVhvy7N7q6

RT @NASCAR: Calling all @AJDinger fans! Yo boy's car is BAD FAST. #AllStarRace https://t.co/8D2O8OwuWV

RT @NASCAR: Grab a

RT @NASCARONFOX: If @joeylogano wins the #AllStarRace, @DarylMotte wins $100. If @BubbaWallace claims the $1M, Daryl gets $101.

RT @TomCoronel: Who is giving me some advice

RT @MST_AlleNews: #WTCR #Zandvoort: Debütsieg für #Peugeot, Ehrlacher führt #WTCR2018 https://t.co/xB4RH7XSS6 https://t.co/nyGUKGkVAc

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