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RT @F1: SPEED TRAPS @KevinMagnussen is quickest of all for Haas on the last day of the first test

RT @redbullracing: Max finishes day four of #F1Testing with 35 laps

RT @F1: Purple sectors split between Hamilton and Vandoorne on day four

RT @redbullracing: The weather has been so cold, can you blame @Max33Verstappen for taking a little trip to the beach?

RT @redbullracing: A drying track means it's @Max33Verstappen time

RT @ScuderiaFerrari: Test Barcelona - Snow stops play. #F1Testing https://t.co/2qrvskxnkG

RT @ScuderiaFerrari: Snow motion. #F1Testing https://t.co/EwY3cS9OYY

RT @Mobil1TheGrid: Screen – This week's #F1Testing is @BrendonHartley's first in #Spain since completing 202 laps for @ToroRosso at #Jerez…

RT @gtmasters: Grasser Racing confirms the driver of it´s three @LamborghiniSC in #GTMasters: 3rd season for @EngelhartChris Ineichen @M_Bo…

RT @CarsandCoffeeCL:

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