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RT @FIAWEC: #LeMans24 Official Test Session 1 result

RT @NASCARonNBC: .@KevinHarvick wins Stage 2 at @poconoraceway. #Pocono400 #NASCAR https://t.co/IYco3vQewQ

RT @NASCARonNBC: Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch to the #NASCAR field... The pair are at least 7 seconds ahead of the rest of the lead-lap c…

RT @NASCARonNBC: Halfway at @poconoraceway! @BubbaWallace leads. #NASCAR #Pocono400 https://t.co/IWbdqGFpgG

RT @NASCARonNBC: A lot of bumping going on between Jamie McMurray, Jimmie Johnson, and Denny Hamlin.

RT @NASCARonNBC: An error on pit road drops Martin Truex Jr. back to 14th for the start of Stage 2. #NASCAR #Pocono400 https://t.co/poyiatd…

RT @NASCARonNBC: Give the Stage 1 win to the defending @NASCAR champ. @MartinTruex_Jr gets a valuable playoff point at @poconoraceway! #Po…

RT @NASCARonNBC: Martin Truex Jr. to Kevin Harvick. A two-car battle for the Stage 1 win with 7 laps left! #Pocono400 https://t.co/dZ4ILT…

RT @NASCARonNBC: Kevin Harvick passes Kyle Busch for P2, which will be P1 when Brad Keselowski pits. #Pocono400 https://t.co/1LYx79kJk1

RT @NASCARonNBC: New leader... Kevin Harvick. #NASCAR #Pocono400 https://t.co/jkaHGhANF3

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