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RT @Mobil1TheGrid: "It's been a strong team performance today. @Max33Verstappen had a very clean race and managed his run well. It's great…

RT @F1: Villeneuve Jr driving Villeneuve Sr's race-winning Ferrari 312T A hair-raising way to kick off the #CanadianGP

RT @F1: Elbows out, @ValtteriBottas

RT @ScuderiaFerrari: #Seb5 is 7.8 ahead of BOT #CanadianGP

RT @ScuderiaFerrari: 10 laps to go #CanadianGP

RT @F1: "Close to a perfect day" - Sebastian Vettel #F1 #CanadianGP https://t.co/XGtlhERapO

RT @F1: A first podium in Montreal, and the fastest lap of the race

RT @MST_AlleNews: Bissige Red Bulls: Hypersoft-Joker sticht in Kanada #F1 #CanadianGP https://t.co/CU5t4kp8Ie https://t.co/FIL6y5XKOt

RT @GTPlanetNews: The #F1 #CanadianGP kicks off in a few hours, get caught up on all the qualifying action here: https://t.co/VfKC2fXCfO

RT @GTPlanetNews: The @Xbox #E32018 conference starts in less than an hour — watch it here: https://t.co/9bOid2Lk38

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