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RT @wtf1official: Alonso's epic quadruple night stint helped deliver victory to the No.8 car #LeMans24 https://t.co/H3XLiKsKhD

RT @wtf1official: Toyota breaks its Le Mans curse! #LeMans24 https://t.co/UN9B9czlBM

RT @wtf1official: Three happy racing drivers #LeMans24 https://t.co/AEvS2jHnm3

RT @Toyota_Hybrid: Totally worth the wait!

RT @wtf1official: So the No 7 Toyota missed the pits and was close to running out of fuel #LeMans24 https://t.co/W9zRheb3cE

RT @wtf1official: The Toyota curse surely can't strike again... can it? #LeMans24

RT @Toyota_Hybrid: 15:00 (CEST) yesterday feels like a VERY long time ago now! Thank you for all your support and for sharing this journey…

RT @Toyota_Hybrid: This is it, the final hour of the 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours! We go into the final 60 minutes holding onto a 1-2. The #8 car…

RT @Toyota_Hybrid: Take a different perspective on the final hour of racing at #LeMans24 by riding onboard with our #7 & #8 cars: https:

RT @Toyota_Hybrid: Just 120 minutes remain in the 2018 #LeMans24! No changes at the front, we hold onto a 1-2 with the #8 leading the #7. ⏰…

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