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RT @gt4series: Meanwhile out on track. Looks much better than last month. #GT4Series https://t.co/QD1AX2sdmK

RT @gt4series: FCY - a Mercedes-AMG GT4 off into the gravel at the Villeneuve Chicane. #GT4Series

RT @gt4series: Some of our drivers can’t wait to get out on the track. Race control issuing some warnings for pit speed limits. #GT4Series

RT @gt4series: It's now a 3Y Technology BMW M4 GT4 1-2 as Jamie Vandenbalck puts the #38 on top. Several drivers are improving at the momen…

RT @gt4series: 24 minutes in, the #37 3Y Technology BMW M4 GT4 is fastest, with the #43 Allied-Racing Porsche Cayman GT4 CS MR. Top 15 sepa…

RT @gt4series: Meanwhile, check this video from the start of the session. #GT4Series https://t.co/GZhzwA137c

RT @gt4series: Back to green, the yellow flags were for the #24 KTM that was facing the wrong direction. #GT4Series

RT @gt4series: Back to green. Ricardo van der Ende fastest, Huisman second, Tregurtha third. But we have double waved yellow at turns 10 an…

RT @F1: Recovery crew are on track #FrenchGP

RT @F1: Inexplicably, @SChecoPerez lost his left rear tyre #FrenchGP

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