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RT @wtf1official: It is kinda hard to watch! #F1 #FrenchGP https://t.co/Wtb8LHg4k7

RT @wtf1official: Trying to work out which bits of Paul Ricard are the actual track layout #F1 #FrenchGP https://t.co/vBj8YUAiFo

RT @wtf1official: So first thoughts on Paul Ricard? #F1 #FrenchGP

RT @MercedesAMGF1: “I only got a few laps in, then we had a water leak which we're currently investigating… But we're confident that we con…

RT @Motorsport: Ferrari has made a habit of turning things around after low-key Fridays this season, but can it do so once again at the #Fr…

RT @Motorsport: FIA to investigate Perez's lost wheel incident #F1 #FrenchGP https://t.co/m7P0jHCAcx

RT @Motorsport: F1 drivers ask FIA to remove Paul Ricard chicane #F1 #FrenchGP https://t.co/tGCzhLPUO8

RT @MST_AlleNews: Verkehrschaos in #LeCastellet: #Grosjean legt sich mit Polizei an #F1 #FrenchGP https://t.co/dmZNF1BjeI https://t.co/OHxi…

RT @redbullracing: Watch out DC’s got a hot date in Marseille with a noisy RB7

RT @redbullracing: That's a wrap from Free Practice

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