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RT @gt4series: And….it’s not. There’s a KTM stopped on track. It is the #23 that is in trouble. #GT4Series

RT @gt4series: Car recovery completed. Full Course Yellow is about to be lifted. #GT4Series

RT @MST_AlleNews: Formel-3-EM Norisring: Erste Pole-Position für Armstrong #FIAF3 https://t.co/EKO1ygBukI https://t.co/ditPnaBLkz

RT @gt4series: Go for Q2! #gt4series

RT @gt4series: Q2 will get underway at 10.00. This will set the grid for tomorrow’s race. #gt4series

RT @thruxtonracing: Heading to the grid for #BTCC race 3 now. https://t.co/PDeT5JSzNm

RT @ScuderiaFerrari: 10 minutes to go in #FP3, at the moment our engineers decided not to go #FrenchGP

RT @ScuderiaFerrari: First laps for #Seb5 and #Kimi7 on ultrasofts, Seb laptime 1:36.756 P5 #FrenchGP #FP3 https://t.co/cjYWClaTir

RT @F1: FP3 REPORT: Rain stops play... >> https://t.co/wlwg55SZhI #FrenchGP

RT @F1: FP1 ☀ FP2 ☀ FP3

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