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RT @redbullracing: Raging bull today = raging party tonight!

RT @redbullracing: Current mood!

RT @F1: Not having a lot of luck this year, is he?

RT @F1: He's got ice running through his veins... #AustrianGP

RT @F1: "We really had to look after them – there was a lot of blistering" #AustrianGP

RT @ScuderiaFerrari: Lap 66/71: VER, #Kimi7, #Seb5, GRO, MAG, PER, OCO, ALO, GAS, LEC #AustrianGP

RT @ScuderiaFerrari: HAM stopped #AustrianGP

RT @redbullracing: Champagne tastes better at home...

RT @redbullracing: Österreich - das ist für dich!

RT @F1: It was a day to remember for the @HaasF1Team 50th race ✅ Best finish (P4) ✅ Biggest points haul (22) ✅ #AustrianGP

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