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RT @F1: "We are back in the game", says @Max33Verstappen #AustrianGP

RT @redbullracing: When you win your first race of the season and it's at the #AustrianGP!

RT @wtf1official: There weren't many positives for Mercedes to take from this race #AustrianGP #F1 https://t.co/I93jkAwR0k

RT @wtf1official: Ricciardo's retirement caused a bit of concern #F1 #AustrianGP https://t.co/OGGq5DlyUp

RT @wtf1official: Hamilton really wasn't happy #F1 #AustrianGP https://t.co/aYuYGdGIvu

RT @Mobil1TheGrid: Jackpot – @Max33Verstappen has now secured three consecutive podium finishes for first time in his @F1 career. #F1 #MV33…

RT @Mobil1TheGrid: Phenomenon – @Max33Verstappen has now recorded his fourth career victory at an age younger than Michael Schumacher, Lewi…

RT @redbullracing: 10 laps to go of the #AustrianGP and @Max33Verstappen continues to lead, 4 seconds ahead of RAI

RT @MercedesAMGF1: "We will pick ourselves up in the next days, learn from our errors and go to @SilverstoneUK with our heads held high, ai…

RT @F1: RACE REPORT: Max Verstappen takes fourth career victory, as Vettel re-takes championship lead following Hamilton DNF #AustrianGP…

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