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RT @wtf1official: Bottas is having the worst luck this year! #WTF1 #AustrianGP https://t.co/oRC81sVjSP

RT @wtf1official: Is that Renault’s party mode? #WTF1 #AustrianGP

RT @wtf1official: Lap 2 and we have our first Heineken red star

RT @wtf1official: What a start! So much action #AustrianGP

RT @wtf1official: So predictions on where Grosjean will finish the first lap?

RT @wtf1official: Oops

RT @F1: So, what's got you scratching your chin after Sunday's rollercoaster race

RT @40auto: El sector del automóvil mundial está en contra de Donald Trump https://t.co/yI3Qb3ZAXU

RT @F1: Victory, and the @DHL_Motorsports fastest pit stop in Austria for @redbullracing

RT @F1: Three teams, three wins apiece after nine races... That's NEVER happened before

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