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RT @NASCAR: How’s the new gig, @CBellRacing? #EldoraDirtDerby https://t.co/jvhBjrbdLO

RT @NASCAR: Prediction time: ___________ will win tonight's #EldoraDirtDerby. https://t.co/JneqRHVw41

RT @NASCAR: TONIGHT. FS1 | 9pm ET | #EldoraDirtDerby https://t.co/1WgHiZe5fD

RT @NASCAR: Coverage is rollin' from @EldoraSpeedway! #EldoraDirtDerby https://t.co/zgdqSKfmuW

RT @NASCAR: On this #NationalHotDogDay

RT @NASCARONFOX: Thanks for helping make this happen every year, Smoke. #EldoraDirtDerby @TonyStewart https://t.co/0hC1n80V1f

RT @Silverclassic: Right by the @JETPetrol Village Green there’s the Shopping Village, and every piece of automobilia under the sun! #Silv…

RT @Silverclassic: The Heritage paddock is a hive of activity... It’s the stunning pre-61 Sports Cars’ turn to steal the limelight. #Silve…

RT @Silverclassic: From 1100, take a 30 minute test drive with Lexus! They’ll have several models from their range, all with Self-Chargin…

RT @Silverclassic: That’s part of our record Historic Formula Junior entry underway... 61-63s to come later on today with their qualifying…

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