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RT @gt4series: Q2 will get underway at 16.22. The #87 Team GT McLaren 570S GT4 will go straight to Parc Fermé and will take no part in Q2.…

RT @gt4series: Recovery of the stranded Team GT McLaren and its driver is underway. #GT4Series | #SROSpeedweek

RT @Brands_Hatch: It's the BIG day! Here's all your @OfficialBSB info... #BrandsBSB https://t.co/x3d2uoCMMZ

RT @gt4series: Chequered flag is out. #GT4Series | #SROSpeedweek

RT @gt4series: Stéphane Tribaudini (CMR-Alpine) to the top of the charts with just a minute left on the clock. 2:32.073 for the French driv…

RT @gt4series: Kranz is back to the top again, as the #87 Team GT McLaren 570S GT4 comes to a halt with tyre damage. Rees was fastest in se…

RT @gt4series: First Paul Rees, then Will Tregurtha to go quicker. Gap between first and second on the grid currently just 0.062s. #GT4Ser…

RT @gt4series: Moritz Kranz is currently fastest, but many drivers already had lap times deleted. #GT4Series | #SROSpeedweek

RT @gt4series: Green flag for Q1! #GT4Series | #SROSpeedweek

RT @gt4series: Further delay as some of the British GT cars are still on their way into the pits. #GT4Series | #SROSpeedweek

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