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RT @NASCAR: Caution as @MartinTruex_Jr hits the inside wall hard! #ItsBristolBaby https://t.co/oxSIFchK47

RT @NASCARonNBC: THAT WINNING FEELING. @KurtBusch gets it done for the sixth time at @BMSUpdates! #ItsBristolBaby https://t.co/PC4q02g6VB

RT @SilverstoneUK:

RT @NASCAR: And just like that @KyleBusch gets around @KurtBusch for fourth! He's going to have a say in this thing tonight. #ItsBristolBa…

RT @NASCAR: A battle that built over a number of laps goes to @ClintBowyer! @MartinTruex_Jr can't complete the pass, but he's still in pur…

RT @TomCoronel: Difficulties with my alarm clock ⏰ every 15 min it went off all night. Hotelroom with my brother @TimCoronel

RT @NASCAR: .@ClintBowyer leads @MartinTruex_Jr and @chaseelliott, but

RT @NASCAR: Find your line. @BMSupdates | #ItsBristolBaby https://t.co/45efLIL8o5

RT @NASCAR: Your leader off of pit road? That'd be @ClintBowyer! #ItsBristolBaby Leaderboard: https://t.co/ufLbT2tanV https://t.co/ock6hvn…

RT @SilverstoneUK:

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