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RT @Bathurst6Hour: Scott Turner is stopped at the top of Conrod in the BMW 135i. Smoke coming out of the front of the car. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: We don't expect many more fast times now, the track is fairly slick all up and over the top of the mountain from that oi…

RT @Bathurst6Hour: #B6Hr Practice 2 Outright Order - 13 min to go: 23 Lynton/Leahey BMW 14 Loiacona/Lown/Vernon Mitsubishi 45 Walden/Baird…

RT @Bathurst6Hour: We know McDougall got the HSV home, but going by reports from the pits it was a major leak. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: A lot of reports of oil on the circuit, in multiple locations. We believe it's the #21 HSV. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: Our fastest car, the #23 BMW, stopped momentarily up the top at the Esses in the runoff and continued. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: A confirmation from the Griffith Toyota stable: Kyle Alford has been nominated as the second driver in the 19E Echo. #B6…

RT @Bathurst6Hour: David Filipetto in car #75 has returned to the pits after a single lap. After repairs this morning it appears the HSV is…

RT @Bathurst6Hour: Reports of an issue with Car 15, the Kavich Mitsubishi, with loose bodywork on the right hand side. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: First flying laps completed in the practice session, and it's Tim Leahey on top again with a 2:26.59, a 4.48 second gap…

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