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RT @DunlopBTCC: Chilton becomes record 14th different race winner: https://t.co/d66x8sBr40 Tom Chilton has become the 14th different Dunlo…

RT @DunlopBTCC: BTCC | EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: R24 in 60 seconds #BTCC https://t.co/xQvHcikBbN

RT @DunlopBTCC: R24 result #BTCC https://t.co/6a76pqlRQT

RT @Mobil1TheGrid: "I'm very pleased to finally come away with a podium at #Spa. There was a bit of first lap chaos to contend with, but we…

RT @wtf1official: Makes sense... #F1 #BelgianGP https://t.co/2rwFoqTtZ1

RT @wtf1official: Hulkenberg has been given a 10-place grid penalty for Monza #F1 #BelgianGP https://t.co/2mHqNJL1UT

RT @wtf1official: Stunning picture of @OconEsteban, Vettel, @LewisHamilton and @SChecoPerez going four-wide on lap one

RT @DunlopBTCC: Tom Chilton wins Round 24! A maiden victory of the season for Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Gallagher, and a first since…

RT @DunlopBTCC: L22/27: Less than half a second between leader Chilton and Turkington now... #BTCC https://t.co/tju0nkfB8l

RT @DunlopBTCC: L18/27: Chilton, Turkington, Morgan, Jordan, Cook, Butcher, Tordoff, Goff, Smiley, Lloyd the top ten. #BTCC

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