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RT @DunlopBTCC: The safety car's out. A coming-together between Brett Smith & Matt Simpson sends the latter pirouetting. Mike Bushell co

RT @DunlopBTCC: BTCC VIDEO | @TomChilton_ takes the lead at the start of #BTCC race 3. Watch live on @ITV4 https://t.co/iEZIrh6AU7

RT @DunlopBTCC: L1/24: They're away! Chilton leads the pack from Morgan and Turkington. #BTCC https://t.co/foHqop9o6K

RT @DunlopBTCC: The success ballast and tyre picture ahead of Round 24 of the 2018 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship: #BTCC http…

RT @DunlopBTCC: Here we go... The green flag ahead of Round 24 is waved. Lights will be out imminently on our final race of the day from Kn…

RT @DunlopBTCC: A new grid has been issued, with Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Gallagher’s Tom Chilton inheriting pole position with Mac…

RT @Motorsport: Chilton scores his first win of the 2018 #BTCC season as all-wet Knockhill weekend ends: https://t.co/1jhy0uJeGl

RT @Motorsport: Miller and Zarco were the only riders who wanted the abandoned #BritishGP at Silverstone to proceed: https://t.co/0IjRYkDi…

RT @DunlopBTCC: BREAKING: Adrian Flux Subaru Racing's Ashley Sutton and Speedworks Motorsport's Tom Ingram, who finished first and second o…

RT @DunlopBTCC: BTCC | EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: R23 in 60 seconds - Live on ITV4 at 11am #BTCC https://t.co/c9iJPhii6V

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