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RT @F1: Alonso: "It was bad at the start. I saw Hulkenberg in my mirrors with all 4 tyres locked. There was no way to avoid it. On the posi…

RT @F1: LAP 24/44: GAINS AND LOSSES @ValtteriBottas on the charge

RT @F1: Lap 23/44: Vettel comes in next and keeps his lead!

RT @F1: Lap 22/44 Hamilton pits before Vettel, can he make the undercut work? #BelgianGP

RT @F1: Lap 20/44 Hamilton just 3.174s behind Vettel at the front... #BelgianGP

RT @F1: Lap 18/44: Bottas slicing his way up the field

RT @F1: FASTEST SECTORS (17/44): The top three have one each #BelgianGP

RT @F1: Lap 15/44: It's looking good so far for @HaasF1Team

RT @F1: LAP 13/44: @ValtteriBottas is liking Spa today! The Finn is up to P10 after passing Sirotkin

RT @F1: Lap 11/44 Verstappen is up top P3 after passing Perez

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