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RT @F1: FASTEST LAPS (10/44) It's tight at the top between Vettel and Hamilton! #BelgianGP

RT @F1: Lap 9/44 Raikkonen comes into the pits and retires

RT @Mobil1TheGrid: "It's always good to be on the podium, but to be on it here in #Spa, with so many #Dutch fans, is really special. On the…

RT @SilverstoneUK:

RT @F1: Lap 8/44: What. A. Move.

RT @F1: Lap 6/44: @redbullracing

RT @F1: LAP 5/44 The Safety Car comes in and we're underway once more! #BelgianGP

RT @F1: Lap 1/44: Meanwhile at the front Vettel overtakes Hamilton before the safety car is deployed

RT @F1: ⚠️ SAFETY CAR DEPLOYED (LAP 1/44) ⚠️ Cars are going through the pit lane as the debris is cleared #BelgianGP

RT @F1: Lap 1/44: Chaos at the start - Leclerc, Alonso and Hulkenberg out

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