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RT @Bathurst6Hour: We've got a car stopped on Conrod. This could be a safety car. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: Excellent flick spin: Stephen Hodges. 10 out of 10 for artistic impression. #B6Hr https://t.co/MDKWR7vLro

RT @Bathurst6Hour: Dramas for our Class E leader! David Worrell's got it back, but their lead is only 88 seconds. #B6Hr https://t.co/EUBNQW…

RT @Bathurst6Hour: #B6Hr Standings - Outright - 1:18 left: 27 Sherrin BMW M4 23 Lynton BMW M3 +11.9 6 Burges Mercedes +50.5 53 Schumacher S…

RT @Bathurst6Hour: Jordan Cox. Just being Jordan Cox. Inside at McPhillamy. Don't ever change. #B6Hr https://t.co/uwEAgSY1mT

RT @Bathurst6Hour: Matthew Windsor, who is leading Class D in the Honda Integra, will have to serve a drive through. The class lead is a la…

RT @Bathurst6Hour: Game on at the front here as 27 and 23 slice through the traffic. #B6Hr https://t.co/gBmpnwWjRJ

RT @Bathurst6Hour: BLACK FLAG: Car 47 and 44, drive through penalty, restart infringement. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: Twitter trend update: Of all the sports in the top 10 twitter trends in Australia today, we have the most Sherrins: 2. #…

RT @Bathurst6Hour: BLACK FLAG: Car 98 and 95. Drive Through Penalties. #B6Hr

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