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RT @Bathurst6Hour: RESTART / Lap 74 / 1:45 to go. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: That green flag period was 55:14, the longest green flag period of the race so far. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: Safety Car number 7. All this and more on the statistics tab at https://t.co/afbfEKeCkJ #B6Hr https://t.co/6ZAoINoDro

RT @Bathurst6Hour: SAFETY CAR: For Car 83 at the Chase. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: High speed off at the chase for Daniel Stutterd in the 83 Lancer. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: 45 in the garage with bonnet up. This might end the charge for @cbairdo. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: Kevin Stoopman being interviewed. Same amount of Icy Poles as Kimi Raikkonen, but many, many more words. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: RESTART / Lap 38 / 3:38 to go. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: RACE CONTROL: Safety Car in this Lap. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: SAFETY CAR: For Car 68 stranded between turns 2 and 3. #B6Hr

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