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RT @Bathurst6Hour: Car stopped going up the mountain, It's the CXC Lancer again with Dylan Thomas on board. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: MECHANICAL BLACK FLAG: Car 96. Bonnet pin broken/loose. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: BLACK FLAG: Car 23. Drive Through. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: RESTART: Lap 25 / 4:19 to go. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: Following that stop, the new leader is Steve Owen in the 83 Lancer. Restart this time by. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: Yes. Yes it was! #B6Hr https://t.co/bIuSaHWmnz

RT @Bathurst6Hour: SAFETY CAR: Car 16 in the gravel trap at the Chase. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: Reports from the top: Brianna Wilson has hit the wall at the Elbow and stopped at Turn 19. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: That driving time message, distilled: Before, during and after the red flag: It counts as one continuous driving stint.…

RT @Bathurst6Hour: BLACK FLAG: Car 16. Safety Car Infringement. Drive Through Penalty. #B6Hr

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