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RT @wtf1official: Gotta love it when Red Bull are in the mix too with Ferrari and Mercedes. Q3 is gonna be good! #F1 #SingaporeGP https://t…

RT @F1: "Lewis had a really good lap, so congrats to him... but I don’t think it was unbeatable" >> https://t.co/R0BesnRYn9 #Singap

RT @F1: QUALIFYING HIGHLIGHTS It was one that kept us all guessing

RT @F1: "We didn't get our qualifying together the way we wanted" Can Sebastian Vettel and @ScuderiaFerrari bounce back on race day? #Sin…

RT @F1: He's taken 79 pole positions in his career... So to call this one "the most complete lap I've ever done" is a *bit* special @Lewi…

RT @F1: Bright lights, big city... one mega lap! Take it away, Lewis

RT @F1: QUALI REPORT: Majestic Hamilton takes stunning #SingaporeGP pole >> https://t.co/viIKTp9pjr #F1

RT @F1: A supreme effort from @LewisHamilton sealed a 79th career pole

RT @F1: QUALIFYING CLASSIFICATION: @LewisHamilton blows the opposition away #SingaporeGP

RT @redbullracing:

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