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RT @AttachMax: lanscia stratos https://t.co/7ejbaHBef7

RT @AttachMax: Robert Kubica - Klub Kibiców https://t.co/pdJgN7ia8e

RT @AttachMax: Ford Capri https://t.co/h2WH4KuhSF

RT @McLarenF1: @FollowAndretti @alo_oficial

RT @McLarenF1: #NationalBirdDay #SneakyKiwi

RT @Bathurst6Hour: RACE CONTROL to all teams: Please note that during the safety car and race suspension the clock continues to run. The dr…

RT @Bathurst6Hour: GREEN FLAG: Lap 13 / 4:54 to go. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: Overlapping allowed past the apex of the final corner. Overtaking allowed once they cross the control line (just behind…

RT @Bathurst6Hour: RACE CONTROL: Safety Car In This Lap. #B6Hr

RT @Bathurst6Hour: We have resumed the race under the Safety Car following the barrier repair. #B6Hr

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