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RT @ShannonsNats: Don't miss a second of the action. ⏱ Live timing: https://t.co/XnfMKtfb2y #ShannonsNats https://t.co/Tc1D5LYIsV

RT @ShannonsNats: Sandown is presenting some stunning weather today

RT @ShannonsNats: Check out a quick wrap from today's wet sessions at Sandown

RT @ShannonsNats: Quick facts before the drivers hit the Sandown circuit for racing. #ShannonsNats https://t.co/59Z0fG4NPh

RT @ShannonsNats: Head to https://t.co/XnfMKtfb2y to view the #ShannonsNats Live Wall ✅ https://t.co/oRdzcdcnmp

RT @ShannonsNats: Oh no! Sandown claims its first casualty in practice. #ShannonsNats

RT @ShannonsNats: .@Craillsy says you should 'get your backside trackside' for our finale this weekend. Also, if you're a CAMS licence ho…

RT @ShannonsNats: If you’re trackside this weekend, be sure to pop by the Motum Simulation VSR Challenge and get your name on the Logitech…

RT @ShannonsNats: Before all the action begins tomorrow, check out our official event program. #ShannonsNats https://t.co/qGJ8EuiOao

RT @ShannonsNats: Good morning from Sandown

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