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RT @ShannonsNats: It’s an incredible breakthrough for the category, with the entry list of cars to be extended from 46 to 48 total entries,…

RT @ShannonsNats: Spotted!

RT @ShannonsNats: “To walk away from Sandown with four wins would be good, but the car is still new and still being repaired after the Bath…

RT @ShannonsNats: From the outset, the Neilsens showed grit and perseverance at The Bend, securing a start on the second row in qualifying…

RT @ShannonsNats: And just like that, we move onto Round Two. Get your tickets for Sandown online via the CAMS Shop.

RT @ShannonsNats: What a stunning weekend of motor racing we enjoyed at The Bend. A big thank you to our army of volunteers, officials, a…

RT @ShannonsNats: We love a good podium!

RT @ShannonsNats: Great to have CAMS affiliated car clubs Drifting SA and the MG Car Club of South Australia trackside today. Be sure to ch…

RT @ShannonsNats: Tomorrow’s the big day

RT @ShannonsNats: It’s Bend week! Getting ready to kick start our 2018 season with a bang

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