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RT @ScuderiaFerrari: United States Grand Prix - #Seb5 comments on the race. #USGP #ForzaFerrari https://t.co/gLGK50yeCV

RT @Mobil1TheGrid: Mission – 50 points behind @LewisHamilton in the @F1 standings, Sebastian Vettel needs to make up an average of ten poin…

RT @redbullracing:

RT @redbullracing: P4 start for Daniel tomorrow but frustration for Max in #USGP qualifying

RT @redbullracing: A frustrating day for Max but he'll fight to rein them in on race day

RT @redbullracing: Grid penalties for Seb will see @danielricciardo start the #USGP from the second row of the grid in P4 tomorrow.

RT @redbullracing: Quali result #USGP

RT @redbullracing: This Sheriff is ready for a Good Ol' Fashioned shootout

RT @AustralianGT: How's the serenity. #AustralianGT #Ferrari

RT @40auto: Ferrari muestra públicamente su apoyo a Sebastian Vettel https://t.co/zcjEfek1bP

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