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RT @F1: HAMILTON: "I wasn't expecting to be as high up as we are, that's the best we could do... but being behind the Red Bulls is not a ba…

RT @F1: VERSTAPPEN: "It's still good to be second. We'll see what I can do tomorrow" #MexicoGP

RT @F1: RICCIARDO: "Monaco's the only place I've ever done it before... I think it was really close with Max, a few thousandths!" #MexicoGP…

RT @F1: BREAKING: @danielricciardo pips team mate @Max33Verstappen to pole for Sunday’s #MexicoGP! #F1 https://t.co/ryPdlGTJM1

RT @F1: ONE MINUTE TO GO... How's this one going to pan out?

RT @F1: Verstappen goes even quicker! The Dutchman takes provisional pole with a 1:14.785

RT @wtf1official: Here we go! #MexicoGP #F1 https://t.co/jaWwDXHoPO

RT @wtf1official: Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari. WHAT A FIGHT FOR POLE!

RT @F1: ⚠️ VIRTUAL SAFETY CAR (46/60 MINS) ⚠️ Valtteri Bottas pulls over in the stadium with a smokey Mercedes BOT: "Hydraulic failure"

RT @F1: It's heating up again on track

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