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RT @F1: LAP 70/71: He's given it his all today #MexicoGP

RT @F1: LAP 67/71: Not long to go now ⏱️Verstappen leads Vettel by 15 seconds TOP TEN VER VET RAI HAM

RT @F1: Seven retirements turns into eight for @danielricciardo ☹️ #MexicoGP

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RT @redbullracing:

RT @audisport: MEDIACENTER: Quotes from the California 8 Hours https://t.co/KCsQIPjpDo #GT3 #Cal8h #LeagueofPerformance https://t.co/SWthk…

RT @F1: "Super angry" after qualifying

RT @F1: LAP 41/71: Look away home fans

RT @F1: LAP 39/71: And Vettel goes past Hamilton and up to P2 2018 TITLE PERMUTATIONS: Hamilton will take the world title if he finishes…

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