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RT @F1: BREAKING: @LewisHamilton takes his 11th pole of 2018 as he edges out Valtteri Bottas and Sebastian Vettel in Abu Dhabi

RT @F1: Q3 (2 mins to go) And all the drivers head out on track... #AbuDhabiGP

RT @F1: Seb's flying, but he can't beat Lewis' time - yet Q3 TOP TEN (5 mins to go) HAM VET BOT RIC RAI VER GRO HUL LEC OCO #AbuDhabiGP…

RT @F1: So @Slash, who you got for pole? #AbuDhabiGP

RT @F1:

RT @F1: FASTEST SECTORS (END OF Q2): We could be seeing this a lot next year

RT @F1: Q2 CLASSIFICATION: It's Hamilton from Verstappen... #AbuDhabiGP

RT @F1: He pushed to the very end, but that's a qualifying wrap for @alo_oficial #AbuDhabiGP

RT @F1: Busy start to Q2

RT @F1:

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