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RT @F1: Wins #AbuDhabiGP ✅ Impromptu audition for Magic Mike 3 ✅ #F1 @LewisHamilton https://t.co/FF3WcnFRPB

RT @F1: A scary start to the final race of the season for @HulkHulkenberg

RT @F1: DRIVER STANDINGS As the chequered flag falls, the final points of 2018 are in...

RT @redbullracing: It's 5 podiums in a row for @Max33Verstappen as he brings home P3 at the #AbuDhabiGP!

RT @redbullracing: First Max and then Daniel make the move on BOT to take P3 and P4!

RT @redbullracing: Another great pitstop from the Team as Daniel takes on the super soft tyre on Lap 33 and returns to the track in P5. The…

RT @redbullracing: With the rest of the pack having made their first stops, @DanielRicciardo takes P1 with 35 laps to go... #AbuDhabiGP htt…

RT @redbullracing: Gone in 2 seconds flat!

RT @redbullracing: P3 and P4 and closing on the cars in front... Bulls on a charge!

RT @MST_AlleNews: #F1-Live-Ticker: Red Bull & Renault mit "Trennung im Guten"! #AbuDhabiGP https://t.co/nByTgXuNoP https://t.co/fSgYzyQA

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