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RT @NASCARonNBC: Ryan @Blaney's night ends 10 laps shy of the finish to the #Daytona500. https://t.co/h4rtDvj6pN

RT @NASCARonNBC: See below. #Daytona500 https://t.co/FyFcrzvppN

RT @NASCARonNBC: The last four #Daytona500 winners have been first-time winners in "The Great American Race." Will the trend continue in t…

RT @NASCARonNBC: How on EARTH did Kyle Larson keep that from being a much worse wreck!? #Daytona500 https://t.co/zQrgoHNZWA

RT @NASCARonNBC: CRASH. Kyle Larson. Less than 20 laps remaining in the #Daytona500! https://t.co/LUhKIbhEgk

RT @NASCARonNBC: Breathe in. Breathe out. When we get back underway, there will be less than 25 laps remaining in the #Daytona500. https:/…

RT @NASCARonNBC: Jimmie Johnson, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. in multi-car wreck in #Daytona500. https://t.co/gT8shMD3Td

RT @NASCARonNBC: In his final @NASCAR race, @jamiemcmurray is leading with less than 35 laps remaining! #Daytona500 https://t.co/KDXZyhkBuG

RT @NASCARONFOX: Stage 2: Ryan Blaney! #DAYTONA500 https://t.co/YQDHtJzWKT

RT @NASCAR: Coach Gibbs reflects on JD Gibbs as @dennyhamlin wins the #DAYTONA500 @DISupdates | @JoeGibbsRacing https://t.co/Hg2KQ1XyPn

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