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RT @ScuderiaFerrari: Restarting the program! #Seb5 #SF90 #F1Testing https://t.co/lcJLKAmpAF

RT @F1: One hour of track time left on the opening day of pre-season testing ⏰ And it's already been an eventful session for reigning cham…

RT @NASCARonNBC: Sunday's #Daytona500 led to some sassy and sweet tweets in its aftermath. #NASCAR https://t.co/TQxalC8VhG

RT @Circuitcat_eng: Which team has gone further? Ferrari sets the pace, but Mercedes stays in second position (with two cars) #F1Testing ht…

RT @Circuitcat_eng: Day 1, best times! #F1Testing https://t.co/mPg06gv1EO

RT @F1: Not long to wait now, @Charles_Leclerc

RT @F1: Day 1 = DONE ✅ Watch all the best bits as @ScuderiaFerrari and @McLarenF1 played the starring roles at #F1Testing in Barcelona

RT @F1: Things couldn't have gone much better for @McLarenF1 and @Carlossainz55 on the opening day of pre-season testing

RT @F1: He went for an early spin into the gravel in the morning session

RT @F1: 169 laps

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