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RT @Circuitcat_eng: We are green!!! @HulkHulkenberg takes the first lap #F1Testing https://t.co/JwJjMgoz76

RT @Circuitcat_eng: Driver line-up for Day 3! Hope we can see too the #FW42 from @WilliamsRacing! Keep working hard, team!

RT @SilverstoneUK: Day 3⃣ of #F1Testing

RT @Circuitcat_eng: Yes!!!

RT @Circuitcat_eng: Green again! #F1Testing

RT @Circuitcat_eng:

RT @Circuitcat_eng: Let's go again! #F1Testing https://t.co/4LlnAPqAHU

RT @Circuitcat_eng: Update your experience at the #F1Testing with the Montjuïc Club pass! Catering, pitlane, paddock, VIP grandstand and mu…

RT @Circuitcat_eng: 2⃣ hours to go! Most laps so far #F1Testing VET 119 RAI 116 KVY 101 BOT 88

RT @Motorsport: Toro Rosso's @kvyatofficial insists his table-topping #F1Testing time wasn't a "balls out" glory run: https://t.co/tGvEIe1…

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