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RT @Motorsport: Verstappen "overdid it" and gave victory away with Vettel crash, says Marko #F1 #ChineseGP https://t.co/wRdPiKqamm

RT @Motorsport: Lewis Hamilton admits there's work to be done after a 'disaster' of a #ChineseGP. #F1 https://t.co/O6SFmo9W7I

RT @gtmasters: The pit is open. Come over for a short walk. #GTMasters https://t.co/AvBveqEEMR

RT @gtmasters: Missed the #GTMasters Q2 from @MotorspArenaOC ? Don´t worry and watch the replay! https://t.co/Gg1vjlA7cx

RT @gtmasters: @EngelhartChris set pole for the second race in Oschersleben! #GTMasters @LamborghiniSC https://t.co/w1omauRwYu

RT @gtmasters: The Grasser @LamborghiniSC's fastest cars on track! Christian Engelhart and @andreacalda set #1 and #2 in Q2. #Congrats #GTM…

RT @gtmasters: Qualifying 2 #GTMasters 1 Christian Engelhart @LamborghiniSC 2 @andreacalda Lambo 3 @JakeDennis19 @audisport 4 @Max_Goetz…

RT @MST_AlleNews: GT-Masters: Pole für Lamborghini am Sonntag #ADAC #GTMasters https://t.co/TfxYZf0sbS https://t.co/ZUmCQZTlgL

RT @F1: "I haven't had a boring win yet!" Ricciardo reflects on his sixth and perhaps most sensational victory

RT @F1: The incident that turned the #ChineseGP on its head came down to a miscommunication ⬇️ https://t.co/Q8tisi3VpU

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