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RT @F1: Quite a show, @DanielRicciardo

RT @F1: Has anyone recovered yet? Sum up the #ChineseGP in a gif... GO! https://t.co/lS4WXNI4qF

RT @F1: Mercedes hold off Red Bull to claim @DHL_Motorsports Fastest Pit Stop honours at the #ChineseGP https://t.co/mBCEjGM7hI

RT @F1: Ricciardo's win on Sunday means Mercedes have gone 3 races without a win for the first time in the Hybrid Era (since 2014) #Chines…

RT @F1: Looks like @DanielRicciardo enjoyed that one a bit

RT @wtf1official: Mercedes missed a trick by not pitting Hamilton during the safety car period #F1 #ChineseGP https://t.co/Ppm53jVQAx

RT @wtf1official: Never change, @danielricciardo!

RT @wtf1official: Team orders ended up ruining Toro Rosso's race #F1 #ChineseGP https://t.co/UiwNPeK0yQ

RT @wtf1official: An apology goes a long way with Vettel #F1 #ChineseGP https://t.co/q1p8yck7BN

RT @wtf1official: Verstappen's awful season has got people wondering if he's as good as everyone thinks #F1 #ChineseGP https://t.co/7T1mTfO…

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