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RT @EnduranceInfo: .@WayneTaylorRcng on pole @Rolex24Hours #IMSA https://t.co/irLORAm0GB https://t.co/2rrnt0shhY

RT @EnduranceInfo: Vidéo : retour sur les qualifications des 24H de Daytona #IMSA https://t.co/HPyB0K1lBX https://t.co/VpovHIJPqr

RT @EnduranceInfo: Quatre autos rétrogradées à l'issue des qualifications @Rolex24Hours #IMSA https://t.co/TuZo45wLVO https://t.co/tsro8GiG…

RT @EnduranceInfo: Tequila Patron NAEC confirmed for @UnitedAutosport #IMSA https://t.co/EWrBuEPt0x https://t.co/6bYVtDsPJ3

RT @EnduranceInfo: All-Ferrari front row in GTD @Rolex24Hours @FerrariRaces #IMSA https://t.co/nk28FUEY70 https://t.co/sRgQFOpMl2

RT @EnduranceInfo: Both Porsche 911 RSR lock out 2nd grid row @Rolex24Hours #IMSA https://t.co/XqyvJGlZpP https://t.co/CdGjyDHHev

RT @Motorsport: Strategy decided which @FordPerformance GT scored @CGRTeams' 200th victory - https://t.co/OA3lUqc2AF @IMSA #Rolex24 @CGRs…

RT @EnduranceInfo: .@RaceWeatherTech finishes 10th in GTD #Rolex24 https://t.co/Njy93oMD0I https://t.co/hOYQ9kjqVp

RT @EnduranceInfo: Best Porsche 911 RSR 6th at anniversary race in Florida #Rolex24 https://t.co/ef5CXHqABG https://t.co/drzZHSUG7p

RT @eracing365: Cautious Praise from Competitors on New @FIAFormulaE Car: https://t.co/qXxdCgRQYc #FormulaE #Gen2 https://t.co/EwC0OCNAkA

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