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RT @MercedesAMGF1: That straight is longer than it looks!

RT @MercedesAMGF1: Nail that exit, point your car towards @BakuCityCircuit’s famous Flame Towers, open up the throttle and it’s on into the…

RT @F1: There's Hartley enough room to swing a cat at Turn 8... Brendon goes straight on, but recovers The @ToroRosso driver reports "sup…

RT @McLarenF1:

RT @ScuderiaFerrari: Ready to go on ultrasofts! #Kimi7 #AzerbaijanGP https://t.co/1kUc2xJzti

RT @F1: Stoffel Vandoorne has the track all to himself

RT @LienhardRacing: GP France 1976 #1 Spa Ferrari SEFAC (I), #Ferrari 312 T2, F12 3000 cc Driven by: Niki Lauda (A) Result: did not finis…

RT @ScuderiaFerrari: #FP1 results: #Seb5 P10 and #Kimi7 P15. #AzerbaijanGP #ForzaFerrari https://t.co/BVp6HotVlo

RT @Mobil1TheGrid: Realm – @SChecoPerez's P3 at @BakuCityCircuit is his best finish at an @F1 practice session in which all drivers have co…

RT @MercedesAMGF1: Fancy a closer look @BakuCityCircuit? It’s one of the coolest tracks on the calendar... And we’re gonna walk it! Start…

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