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min yoongi is my gf

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when people say @isaiahmustafa and #lukegarroway aren't their faves #WeLoveYouIsaiah https://t.co/1nMFabMY5w

#ThankYouHarryAndMatt for the honest and wonderful portrayals of these two characters who are so important to so many people!! #grateful

RT @EW: Look who is at our @EW and @Hulu #NYCC party, @ShadowhuntersTV fans! Follow us on Instagram for more! https://t.co/VDKGbEPVwD #Shad…

RT @apbenven: Reminder that if a woman didn't post #MeToo, it doesn't mean she wasn't sexually assaulted or harassed. Survivors don't owe y…

#WhatILoveTheMost is when bigoted people face the consequences for what they've done instead of being let off the h… https://t.co/0wkWsSyVp6

RT @taesnowhite: "my hyungs made me who i am, so i'm really thankful." #JKDAY @BTS_twt https://t.co/sa886x436H

RT @alecshearts: “do you know why the rainbow has 7 colors? because bangtan has seven members.” - taehyung #BTS4thMusterTODAY https://t.co…

RT @ShumDarioNews: #IG | “It’s the year of the Dog

walking through the semi-busy streets of the city with the sun in your face and the chorus of #bloom playing in you… https://t.co/Gkb0TxVMBh

#PickUpShadowhunters #SaveShadowhunters https://t.co/ZItbMESL2i

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