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1000 Fails 1 Win. - Don't confuse my personality with my attitude, my personality is who I am and my attitude depends on who you are. -

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RT @AlphaTexan_: #BadGoFundMeIdeas I couldnt find a sugar mommy to help me with my model train addiction.

RT @Kofize: https://t.co/0FAxQPi1UD I didn't have anything for Christmas, but I got something for New Years! Happy New Years everybody! Enj…

RT @Darquesse4: I guess I am too late but - I am Valeria Karasu and draw Fantasy stuff, Fan Art, wear costumes sometimes and take photos #…

#Article13 bin irgendwie froh das die leute doch aufgewacht sind vielleicht ist eine letzte Chance was gegen zu unt… https://t.co/OiB7wjzSBO

RT @AlphaTexan_: #StartAFightIn3Words All Labs Matter https://t.co/cQDBv202ca

RT @AlphaTexan_: #HasAlwaysGoneUnnoticed how little anyone notices when you smile

RT @AlanSpicerYT: #SundayThoughts - Is this a cat? Is this scary? Is this cute? or is this a naked rat pretending to be a cat? https://t.co…

RT @Keeba13: Make sure to tune into the #UbiE3 pre-show at 3PM ET and then the Conference at 4PM WT! https://t.co/COQUZ1Cwze

RT @AlphaTexan_: #LittleLiesITellMyself I'm glad I'm at work today even though I'll basically working for free.

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