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Remember when Diego Milito scores quattrick against Palermo?? http://t.co/kowICYXtFK

Josè Mourinho best XI:Ćech; Carvalho, Terry, Zanetti, Ashley Cole; Makèlèlè, Lampard, Sneijder, Özil, Ronaldo; Drogba.

Young Valentino Rossi and Ronaldo http://t.co/9A6A2Kq2gT

Official: Inter, Real Madrid & AC Milan in the INT Champions Cup 2015 in China http://t.co/asHsPjDVZw

HERNANES AGAIN!!! http://t.co/1YlEhGb1jE

Forza Barça ahahahaha

Happy birthday to Principe Milito http://t.co/VZI2bGMO2b

Kondogbia is more defensive than Imbula, that's what we need. But soo expensive, i'm not sure we can sign him

@Havila32 My french friend said Kondogbia is much better than Imbula, i believe him

if Geoffrey Kondogbia joins Inter, i will get my hair like him. -Lee http://t.co/nAoDbNNeTn

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