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UK Small Cap Investor #ALGW #EUA #IQAI #NCCL #PYC #WEB & long-time supporter of @AVFCOfficial & @EnglandRugby. Views my own, please DYOR

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#INFT looking very good. Soon pi's will be buying the dips, not weakness. https://t.co/7fLaoOPbQX

#INFT https://t.co/wQvmpPRK55

@Faslam_aslam #INFT delayed 7m block trade gone through @ 0.15p. Bodes well for tomorrow

#INFT could be a very positive day today https://t.co/UikiO5LqWu

@EmergoCharts #INFT and people now buying the dips too. Looking good for further progression

#ALGW MM's struggling to attract sellers. Now try and accumulate in size.... https://t.co/DKtAPCC1Vq

#IQAI very difficult to buy now, mm's having to let this run. Break 5.7 and we can start to look towards 6.88. Just… https://t.co/s9yo3KOsTi

#IQAI $IQAI Executive Order on Advancing American Kidney Health HEALTHCARE Issued on: July 10, 2019 menuALL NEWS B… https://t.co/o5MuBfmFg3

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