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Former full-time sports writer for SCNG for nearly 22 years, now freelancer. Philly Fan. If Dickie Dunn wrote this, it must be true. I buy cereal on sale

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Narbonne girls basketball team reinstated after uniform flap; Coach will not be allowed at games http://t.co/F5zNc0HqwZ via @DailyBreezeNews

RT @darrenrovell: Thanks to Bryan Price, @BrianCostaWSJ brings us the coach/manager curse per second rant list http://t.co/azz3k91fph

After 4 inn, it's still Yucaipa 0, Mission Viejo 0. Yucaipa 5 LOB, Mission Viejo 6 LOB

End of 6, Yucaipa 1, Mission Viejo 0

FINAL: Yucaipa 1, Mission Viejo 0. @_BrookeBolinger a 6-hitter with 7 Ks. 1st softball title in school history

RT @InsideSoCalSpts: UCLA LB Myles Jack will miss rest of the season after suffering knee-injury in practice http://t.co/VkwyaxlOK5 http://…

A Dezhon Williams 33 yard TD run gives San Gorgonio a 7-0 lead on Rim of the World 5:09 2nd. #inlandfb

Zxavier Leslie scores San G's 3rd TD in 3:34 and San Gorgonio leads Rim of the World 20-0, 1:35 before half. #inlandfb

Halftime: San Gorgonio 20, Rim of the World 0. #inlandfb @SanGSpartanFB

Xzavier Leslie scores 2nd TD, a 29-yard run, giving San Gorgonio a 27-0 lead on Rim of the World, 10:13 3rd. #inlandfb

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