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Investigating alternate worlds on YouTube, Twitch, and various planes of reality. Contact us: info@templin.institute

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A rare behind the scenes photo of @TheReelLarissa in-between recording sessions. #RevengeOfTheFifth… https://t.co/ReANL8xyIW

Battlestar Galactica inspired megagame is starting. Our brothers from Proxima control the water supply so I think w… https://t.co/OXxCW3dtRP

The Admiral has thrown me in the brig. I forgot to mention the prisoner maybe stole some fighters and it came up at… https://t.co/skmg2zSqgJ

The Admiral has decided to trust me. He gave me 8 fuel and told me to go on a suicide mission to the mystery coordi… https://t.co/PWyluYarqe

This asshole was a traitor this entire time. We jumped to the enemy base and I tried to sacrifice myself by blowing… https://t.co/dkukv7DGzF

I have no insightful comments, too busy watching the shots with the Romulan Bird of Prey over and over and over. -… https://t.co/Qu6aFpsGhp

Getting everything properly steamed at our booth. Come yell at us tomorrow in person! #PDXCon2019 https://t.co/wGVH7eJe64

Phase Three Complete. The Prikki have infiltrated the PDX base of operations. It's only a matter of time before the… https://t.co/AacEt13EuP

Phase Four Complete. The Prikki has arrived in the distant past and overthrown the King. #PDXCON2019 https://t.co/sLJNXYXaE2

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