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Political Correspondent @itvnews. Presenter #ITVActingPM. Co-founder #SchoolDiversityWeek & patron @JustLikeUsUK. Welsh. Follow me on insta

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Just caught up with Natalie Bennett interview on @LBC. Thing is, same happened to her on @daily_politics weeks ago. She should have known.

@MattieJameson @MrTimmyApples Top Gear is worse than Match of the Day #ladbanter

RT @MSmithsonPB: CON loses its YouGov lead. Now level pegging CON 34% LAB 34% LD 7% UKIP 14% GRN 5%.

Personal tax free allowance to rise to £10,800 next year, then £11,000 the year after. 'A tax cut for 27m people' says Osborne #Budget2015

My verdict: Miliband won the audience questions. Cameron won the Paxo interview. But Cameron won by more than Miliband overall. #CamvMili

RT @paulwaugh: So, in sum: Cameron polished, Miliband passionate. Paxo made them both squirm a bit. Audience not too hot

As I said! :p "@matt_dathan: First poll shows Cameron won by 54% to 46% Poll by Guardian. http://t.co/E8UJWYj0C6 #BattleForNumber10 #Paxman”

@ArklessRichard @LouiseBaldock @flynnhc @Simon4Boro It's later in Scotland Richard, after our south Scotland political show @ITVBorderRB

Miliband will be relieved not to be directly next to SNP. But Farage will be a thorn in his side...

RT @ComResPolls: More likely to vote for as a result of debate @ITVNews #leadersdebate Lab 30% Con 29% UKIP 22% Lib Dem 11% Greens 9% SNP …

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